ERP Logic's Approval Framework (AFW) is a one-stop solution that effectively compliments the existing approval process in SAP® Business ByDesign®. AFW is an easy-to-use software solution which helps your business save time and gain control with a custom fit solution.

Add-on Solutions

ERP Logic's enhanced and integrated framework handles approvals for all the standard processes offered by SAP® Business ByDesign®along with many custom processes unique to this solution. Configurable multi-approver options supported by multiple decision matrix options cover your various day-to-day business needs.

Key Features

  • Approval processes for the standard SAP® Business ByDesign® scenarios
  • Enhanced Decision Matrix to accommodate additional business need
  • Individual and Group Approvers
  • Mobile Enabled
  • Email Notifications for single and group approvers
Features Business Benefits
Configurable Framework Easily configurable Approval Framework which can be custom fit to accommodate diversified business processes.
Mobile Enabled Business on the go.
Efficient and Cost Effective ERP Logic's Approval Framework overcomes the hurdle of expansive and complex solution by providing a low cost, easy-to-implement software offered as a service.
Analytics Custom reports to track every step of approval.

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ERP Logic is a global SAP® cloud-based solutions company. We provide Software, implementation and application services. Our target markets are mid-sized companies as well as subsidiary and joint venture operations of large enterprises who are looking to deploy a two tier ERP solution strategy of SAP® ECC for large operations and cloud based solutions for smaller business units.

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