ERP Logic's Integration Adapter is a one-stop solution that expedites integration of Employee expenses from Concur with SAP® Business ByDesign®. Concur's easy-to-use business travel and expense management software solution helps your business save time, money and gain control. This in conjunction with SAP® Business Bydesign® offers a comprehensive on-demand enterprise resource planning and business management software, offered as a service.

Why Integration?

Synchronization of employee expenses and cash advance data is the foundation to efficient and accurate key financial decisions. Out of sync data is source of errors and results in expensive and time consuming manual correction activities. ERP Logic's integration adaptor overcomes this hurdle and provides a cost effective integration service.

Key Features

  • Customized Upload Interface that facilitates key users to upload employee expense and cash advance extracts to SAP® Business ByDesign®.
  • Time independent, Configurable data transfer mechanism.
  • Schedulers that integrate uploaded Employee expenses and cash advances, resulting in open item payables.
  • SAP® Business ByDesign® – master transaction system to make outgoing payments for the integrated expenses.
  • Error handling and Custom Reports to review uploaded data and integration results

Features Business Benefits
Cloud Solutions Concur provides automated, mobile and connected travel and expense management software. On integration with SAP® Business ByDesign®, a seamless all-inclusive enterprise management solution is available.
Automated integration of data from Concur to SAP® Business ByDesign® Elimination of errors and inefficiencies associated with manual data entry enabling timely and accurate business decisions. This facilitates management of payables, receivables and clearing processes in the SAP® Business ByDesign® system.
Efficient and Cost Effective ERP Logic's integration adaptor overcomes the hurdle of expansive and complex solution by providing a low cost, easy-to-implement software offered as a service.
Secure data transmission Integration relies on secure handling of data between systems.
Custom Mapping between SuccessFactors and SAP®Business ByDesign® Flexible solution where user can exercise control on the data being integrated between the systems.

ERP Logic your global partner for SAP® Cloud Solutions

ERP Logic is a global SAP® cloud-based solutions company. We provide Software, implementation and application services. Our target markets are mid-sized companies as well as subsidiary and joint venture operations of large enterprises who are looking to deploy a two tier ERP solution strategy of SAP® ECC for large operations and cloud based solutions for smaller business units.

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