Quote Tool – SAP® Business ByDesign® Integration

Accurate information for more Business


In today's fast world, staying ahead with new technologies is the key factor for customer satisfaction. A wider network of sales team will always promise more sales. But providing access for a large pool of sales representatives to your ERP is a great concern. You want your sales team to be able to process a quote and track the item outside of ERP. You need seamless flow this data into your ERP.

Innovative companies rely on SAP® Business ByDesign® to drive their business effectively.

Delivered by ERP Logic, Quote tool – SAP® Business ByDesign® Integration is a one stop solution which provides seamless integration to Quote tools/Custom relationship tools.

How it Works

Equipment Maintenance – SAP® Business ByDesign® integration automates the communication between a quote tool or CRM system. Master data is maintained in SAP® Business ByDesign® and is integrated to Quote Tool. And completed or Approved Orders are pushed to SAP® Business ByDesign®.

  • Quote tool integration keeps SAP® Business ByDesign® as the master.

  • Product Information, Customer Information, Price Lists are stored in SAP® Business ByDesign®

  • Data is synced to Quote tool every 15 mins.

  • All the time Sales Representative have latest information.

  • No Additional SAP® Licenses Required.


  • Time to Market

    • Sales Representatives always have the latest information.

    • Customer commitments are with latest information.

  • Cost & Error Reduction

    • Don’t need additional Licenses for SAP® system access for every sales representative.

  • Flexibility

    • Easy to Control.

    • Adjust the frequency of updates.

  • Error Management

    • Provides immediate notification of errors through e-mail.

    • Logs audit trail for all transactions.

    • Keeps records consistent between Quote tool and ERP.

  • Security

    • Data is transmitted securely between two system.


Integration without Intervention

When a material, customer, price is created or changes in Business ByDesign® , the integration is configured to transfer the data automatically without user intervention. This eliminates delays and errors in data synchronization.

Only Confirmed Order in Business ByDesign®

Orders Created in Business ByDesign® can be controlled from the integration. So that only approved orders are forwarded and processed further.

Validation, Audit Trail and Error Management

Validates your changes in data and imports it into the correct tables. Provides an audit trail for success and failure, allowing quotes to be corrected and resubmitted efficiently.

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ERP Logic is a global SAP® cloud-based solutions company. We provide software, implementation and application services on a global and local scale. We provide customers end-to-end process management within and between organizations to perform like one company globally. We also help companies adapt and respond to changes in their business environment to accelerate operational efficiencies. Unlike other SAP® resellers and implementation partners we focus on the cloud. Our company has the largest team of SAP® Business ByDesign® certified consultants worldwide, has deep knowledge of global processes and has over 25 developers devoted to leveraging SAP®; Business ByDesign® innovations with solution extensions.

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