Synchronizing your Sales Commission payments and
ERP - delivered by ERP Logic

Cloud Solution for effectively managing incentive compensation for your sales teams.

Add-On Solution

ERP Logic's incentive and dispute management solution fully integrated with SAP® Business ByDesign® facilitates and expedites effective creation, management and execution of sales commission plans aligned with your business needs.

Business Analytics

SCDM solution provides comprehensive real time analytics capabilities that provide the visibility to evaluate the best fit incentive plans and forecast commission payouts for your Business.

Your Opportunity

ERP Logic's, add-on solution eliminates, redundant time and error prone manual effort invested in sales commission calculation. This improves operational efficiency and supports commission recalculation in case of rapidly changing commission policies. Varied business cases are supported through this solution. Beneficiaries can be rewarded based on their sales performance, thus allowing you to recognize talent, reward achievements and conflict management.

Business benefits

  • Stream-lined processes for sales commission calculations, reward management and conflict resolution.
  • Elimination of errors involving manual commission calculation provides an efficient and accurate business process.
  • Easily configurable and deployable solution which is fully integrated with SAP® Business ByDesign®.

Solution Features

  • Commission plans can be configured based on varied parameters like quotas, validity periods and for different beneficiary roles to meet Multi-fold facets of your business.
  • Commission calculation can be based on Quantity, Amount, or Percentage.
  • Commission calculation can be triggered on sales order or Customer invoice.
  • Allows deletion and retrigger of Commission payouts.
  • Rewards Employees and Managers with Incentives based on their performance.
  • Supports Supplier Royalty Management
  • Supports Customer Rebates Management - SCDM allows you to calculate rebates and discounts for direct and indirect customers.
  • Supports disputes handling, reversals and customer returns

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