ECC/S4 HANA Services

The Business Challenge – Failure to Realize Benefits from your ERP Solution

ERP Logic continues to practice as an SAP partner supporting ECC and now S4HANA because of the steady demand from services from our long standing customers.

"Companies fail to realize that ERP implementations are an ongoing event. Even after implementation, Business process must be tweaked, and functionality OPTIMIZED."

"75% of all ERP implementations fail to OPTIMIZE the benefits associted with ERP application software"
- Gartner Group

"ERP solutions provide robust functionality; they have become a standard requirement to provide ROI. Few implementations, however OPTIMIZE all available functionality to fully realize ROI."
- Benchmarking Partners

"Over a 5-6 year period, the average ERP implementation incurred a negative ROI of about US$ 1.5M"
- Meta Group

ERP Logic provides services in all phases of implementation

ECC/S4HANA Service Offerings

  • Integrated Rapid ERP Assessment Services
  • Integrated SAP® Implementation Management Services
  • Integrated SAP® Application Management Services
  • Integrated SAP® Upgrade Management Services
  • Integrated SAP® Application Training Services
  • Integrated Custom Application Development Services

Long-term ERP Logic Customers for ECC/S4HANA Services

Specialized Practice Areas

eWM Practice (Extended Warehouse Management)

eWM Practice of ERP Logic focused on Implementation and Support Solution with Combination of Onsite/ Off Site/ Off Shore Delivery Model

  • More flexible warehouse structures
  • Fully integrated packaging specifications
  • Improved standard RF transaction capability, enhanced screen flows and simplified customization
  • More flexibility in replenishments
  • Enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • More complex put-away strategies possible
  • Kitting functionality
  • Advanced slotting and rearrangement capabilities
  • Integrated Labor Management module
  • Integrated warehouse automation control module (MFS)

eWM Customers of ERP Logic

BI Practice (Business Intelligence)

BI/BO Practice of ERP Logic focused on Implementation and Support Solution with Combination of Onsite/ Off Site/ Off Shore Delivery Model

  • 07 Member BI/BO Certified Team Lead by 10+ years experienced Professional
  • Implementation: BI/BO platform solutions
  • Template Development & Rollouts
  • BW Upgrade, Migration & BO Implementation
  • Performance Optimization
  • Reporting and Data Analysis
  • Information Cockpits (Dashboards)
  • Maintenance, Operational support and System Administration

We completed the project in less than 10 months and the project was on budget. We were shipping almost immediately after the implementation and closing the books within 7 days after the second month’s close. The business was up and running as well as before within 6 weeks of going live, and we are making improvements weekly thus realizing the true benefits of SAP®.

ERP Logic was a key reason for our success and has been instrumental both in the technical and cultural leadership of a successful implementation. I would most strongly recommend the company and the leader, Caldwell Velnambi, for other such assignments. I would definitely employ the company again and would most strongly recommend them to other companies implementing SAP®.
Bill Fry President, Easton Bell Sports

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