Large enterprises are continually expanding their footprint to take advantage of market opportunities - acquiring new companies, opening up sales offices and distribution centers and setting up new joint ventures. However, once this expansion takes place, they often find it difficult to incorporate the new locations, legal entities, and business processes into their existing IT infrastructure.

Value Proposition and Advantage

  • As a leading, global SAP® cloud-based solutions provider, ERP Logic has the software, services and expertise to guide large, multinational firms using SAP® ERP at the corporate level through a two-tier global ERP strategy - allowing them to perform like one company globally while reducing the IT complexity and costs for subsidiary operations to comply with headquarters requirements.
  • Not only does ERP Logic have unparalleled technical knowledge and expertise to successfully implement and support the SAP® Business ByDesign® solution offering, it also has the deep knowledge of on premise corporate SAP® ERP system implementations – providing a unique advantage and the expertise required to effectively integrate information between the two systems.
  • With operations in the US, India, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, ERP Logic is global in scope and can meet language and government compliance requirements around the world.


Process standardization across the globe

More responsive to local and divisional needs

Improvements in data quality and reporting from subsidiary operations

Lower operational costs

"We know SAP® is the leading software provider in our industry, and we did not even evaluate any other vendor. As expected, we have found the perfect solution in SAP® Business ByDesign®."
G. Kannan, Managing Director, GG Fashions

Client Success Stories