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Our Solutions



Large Enterprises Solution…

SAP Business ByDesign

Medium enterprises ERP Solution…

SAP Business One

Small and Medium enterprises ERP Solution…

ERP Logic (now Nobl Q)
Product & Solution

ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) IP Solution for cloud products…

SAP Analytics Cloud

ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) packaged platform for SAP Cloud Solutions Analytics…


The best Cloud ERP business management solution for digitally resilient companies…
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ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) yields solutions for businesses in manufacturing industries to support rapidly changing technology and innovation.
Update Your Strategy

Wholesale Distribution
"Perform all of your operations on one integrated platform, with ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) packaged solutions for wholesale distribution"
Let ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) Assist You In Standardizing Your Processes


Professional Services
Provide lasting and successful client value with ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) professional services solutions ...
Boost Your Services And Billing With ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) Packaged Solution For SAP


ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) delivers retail packaged solutions in several business areas that deliver products, information, and a positive experience to consumers ...
Let ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) Upgrade Your Retail Strategy

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::: CIT Foods :::

 ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) made a great product - SAP Business ByDesign, come to life for us with their knowledge and expertise on how to enable and use the solution.

Rajan Nagrajan

Chief Transformation Officer

::: Virent, Inc. :::

I’m very happy we selected  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) as our SAP ByDesign implementation partner. They took the time to thoroughly understand our business processes. Their experienced team proposed a solution that in many respects enhanced our processes.  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q)’s Customer service consistently exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Ned Smith


::: FINOX :::


FINOX selected  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) for a full optimization of the initial configuration of SAP Business ByDesign.  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) has been able to fix a heavy MRP process issue which results in a massive improvement of quality and time saving for the entire organization.  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) delivered on promises and has completed the roll out of the system to other regions and continues to support FINOX as IT partner.  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) is the unique Partner, able to offer an uncompromised customer experience, when dealing with SAP Business ByDesign. 

Luca De Angeli

Head of Finance

::: Unilode Aviation Solutions :::


No project is without challenges but with  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) perhaps the most remarkable achievement has been their absolute commitment and desire to deliver the project successfully (at no more than agreed cost). All internal processes at  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) are geared towards ensuring customers are delivered with the solution they require. It would be nice if that approach and attitude became more widespread.

Floris Kleihn


::: Avocados from Mexico :::


AFM purchased SAP Business ByDesign from  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) in early 2017, after a quick initial implementation which was on time and budget  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) has assisted AFM growing into SAP Business ByDesign with Additional areas like HR, CRM, and integration with Concur.  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) and SAP Business ByDesign are critical partners for AFM that will allow us to achieve our strategic goals.  ERP Logic (now Nobl Q) is 100% focused on customer service and is a key partner to AFM’s success.

Miguel Molina


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