Country Compliance – South Korea - E-tax Integration


Manual entry of "National Tax System (South Korea) Approval Number" for each of the invoices generated in SAP ByDesign System leads to time consuming and error prone

It is a requirement in South Korea to Enter National Tax System provided Approval number in Electronic Invoice Screen

It is a manual and time-consuming process to enter them one by one


ERP Logic's custom solution enables integration with E-Tax  system and automatically updates the "National Tax System (NTS) Approval Number" in the SAP ByDesign E-Invoicing screen

ERP Logic’s Custom solution enables Integration with E-Tax system

This Integration automatically updates the NTS approval number in the E-invoicing screen

Business Value

Increase in productivity due to automatic update of NTS approval number

Avoid manual entry 

Eliminates compliance (South Korea) issues

Reduced time taken to enter the approval number in Electronic  invoice manually which leads to Increased Productivity

Reduced Manual Errors

Meet Compliance requirement for South Korea

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