Simplify your transaction movements for your customers and vendor chain management with maintenance activity on purchase and sale of goods.

Customer Vendor Portal Benefits

Provides a comprehensive view of the transactions and documents like sales orders, invoices, payables, deliveries, etc. for customers and vendors

The application is integrated with SAP Business ByDesign

Entitlement for services on warranty and product registration

ERP Logic clients can easily manage the accessibility of their customers and vendors via the web, on tablets, and on smartphones via the cloud


The Customer Vendor portal application supports all A Happy Customer Feedback of an organization’s customer and vendor accessibility needs. The organization’s transaction status is updated in real-time to all vendors and customers via hand-held devices, providing visibility on all levels for better co-ordination, effective governance and the reduction of errors from manual entry.


The Customer Vendor Portal caters to the transactions of both customers and vendors featuring access to the admin module via cloud management. Customers get access to documents like invoices, payables, outbound deliveries, sales returns, while vendors get access to documents like purchase orders, receivables, goods returns, and more.


The Customer Vendor Portal function is capable of handling invoices, order details, service entitlements, and service details. This integrated application has access to details like account payable & receivables, contracts & return details, goods receipt & acknowledgment, and goods issues.

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