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Extending SAP Business ByDesign Analytics Using SAP Analytics Cloud

As a cloud-based ERP solution, SAP Business ByDesign (BYD) provides insight driven, integrated business capabilities for midsize companies. Its built-in analytics is a key feature that enables customers to obtain the analytics content with an entire integrated system process out-of-the-box. At ERP Logic, we offer numerous solutions that take advantage of SAP Business ByDesign analytics features.

Analytics within SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) delivers extensive analytics as an extension platform within the cloud based on the SAP Cloud Platform. It links numerous cloud applications and utilizes data models from various cloud applications in addition to SAP BW. It’s capabilities include – boarding, strong visualization, and corporate performance management with SAP Digital Boardroom, a highly effective predictive workflow and planning component.

Reporting Scenarios

A number of reporting scenarios are supported best within BYD. As a result of the extensive integration of built-in analytics into the BYD solution, process centric and operational analytics, contextual decision making and optimizations are performed directly within SAP Business ByDesign analytics platform.

Extension Scenarios Contributed by SAC

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and strong comparison analytics. A number of use cases provide value when combined with SAP Business ByDesign. These include:

  • SAC is the location for the implementation of cross reporting consolidation of data from multiple applications and sources for one cohesive picture.
  • SAC has added dashboarding, data exploration, and visualization which may be added in side-by-side reporting scenarios on replicated BYD data.
  • SAC also provides effective forecasting and planning capabilities, allowing customers to implement cross-domain planning settings on the basis of BYD data.

SAC Integration from Technical Perspective

The current integration between SAP ByDesign and SAP Analytics Cloud is formulated as a data acquisition situation which involves the importation of aggregated report results to SAC utilizing an ODATA APIs in addition to BYD Reports. This provides various advantages and disadvantages:


  • The ability to reuse BYD semantics (i.e. attributes, master data relations, etc.)
  • The ability to reuse summary calculations and reports results in SAC
  • The use of the full spectrum of SAC features through the replication approach


  • The current ODATA API is designed to provide summary data for reporting clients. Therefore, when data is required at the business document level, it has limitations. Through this approach, you may not transfer large lists of line item data to SAC.
  • The quantity of transferable summary records is limited – it may not exceed 10,000

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