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Key Considerations for Selecting Your Technical SAP® Partner

There are two types of SAP partners – global and local. At ERP logic, we offer a range of SAP partner packaged solutions to meet the various requirements of our customers.

Consider the following benefits when choosing your technical SAP partner:

SAP Partner Benefits

The support provided by SAP’s partners make an impact on SAP’s business. As such, SAP performs extensive vetting, which includes support centers and auditing data centers every couple of years. The certification requirements imposed by SAP on all SAP professionals and vendors are added to the mix. The benefits of this include:

  • Giving you the power to develop clearer technical solutions, using resources and data industry teaching manner across your company.
  • Ensuring reliable performance and fast resolution in addition to reducing management overhead by reducing your vendor profile.
  • Maximizing the global resources of a partner significant SAP and technical transformation activities.
  • Reducing information siloing, decreasing redundancy and waste, and improving efficiency across your enterprise.
  • Developing a durable SAP cloud landscape that can remain online in the midst of severe weather events, regional service interruptions, data center problems, and other issues, helping ensure business stability.

SAP Certification

SAP certification for professionals indicates that an individual has mastered a minimum level of knowledge required to carry out tasks associated with particular services, such as SAP installation or hosting. However, experience in addition to certification is important.

Certification indicates that a vendor has undergone SAP auditing and has found capable of providing particular services, such as hosting our HANA application management support. Certifications indicate the various competencies of a technical SAP partner, giving you an enhanced understanding of the services they are able deliver.

Choosing a Technical SAP Partner

SAP partner status and certification may not tell you specifically the right technical partner to choose, but it can help you narrow your options and filter out unqualified providers.

Look ahead to the SAP managed services you may require in the future, not only the services you need in the short term. For instance, if you need SAP cloud hosting now, but nothing else, you may need application management services or HANA operations services in the future.

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