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Managed Private Cloud Hosting for SAP HANA

Businesses today are utilizing cloud-first strategies on an increasing basis to provide scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient IT to market in less time. At ERP logic, we offer SAP ERP packages on AWS – a comprehensive set of offerings to help you transfer your business activities from on premise infrastructure to the cloud, with cloud-centric applications and working methods. We are your premier SAP HANA hosting partner.


Take advantage of the power of your data and speed up dependable outcome driven advancement through the creation of law and intelligent solutions for real-time actions and decisions on one data copy. Support modern analytical and transactional processing with a wide array of advanced analytics – operated safely across multi-cloud and hybrid settings.

Avoid Low Quality Cloud Hosting Solutions

Just like less than adequate public cloud solutions, overstretched, low-quality servers with a private cloud create hardware problems. They overload systems and create unpredictable inactivity. The performance in these low-quality systems is inconsistent and not easily diagnosed. Problems may occur due to a bad server, or unusually heavy data center traffic, among others.

Specialized Knowledge and Carefully Configured Hardware

If you operate in SAP, the best course of action is to ensure your private cloud service level agreement guarantees the performance of the infrastructure, especially for high-end enterprise private cloud services. Specialized knowledge and carefully configured hardware are essential for managed private cloud hosting for SAP HANA systems. A quality SAP HANA hosting partner can provide these benefits.

Cloud Security

Unnecessary complexity is removed through a single cloud environment. Such a single cloud landscape is also beneficial for compliance and security efforts. Within enterprise cloud, you have total visibility at each level of your landscape, enabling you to keep controls centralized, allowing for more efficient detection and handling of compliance issues.

Within a single cloud environment, the defense against outside threats is easier. The protection of your data is made possible by access controls and physical security, monitoring, sophisticated network security, and other techniques which deliver a degree of protection that is not attainable typically through public cloud hosting.

Private cloud hosting is also a more secure option because of a reduced attack surface. There are a smaller number of connections between fewer clouds. The area to defend against hackers is also smaller. Greater visibility significantly reduces the potential for an attacker to slip through and cause havoc.

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