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Oil and Gas Industry in Norway

Norway is known for its fjords and the beautiful Norwegian landscape. In addition, the Northern Lights can also be admired in the winter months. Besides the fjords and Northern Lights, Norway is best known for its oil and gas fields.

The Norwegian oil and gas industry

Norway is the largest European oil producer and the world’s third-largest natural gas exporter. The Norwegian industry is also an important supplier of both oil and natural gas to other European countries. Norway holds the largest reserves of oil and natural gas in Europe, providing much of the oil and natural gas consumed on the continent. An important aspect to extracting oil and gas is the rental service industry. Most of the on- and offshore oil and gas organizations use rental equipment. This is easier for them because they do not have to invest or deal with maintenance.

Rental service market grows

The market for rental equipment for the oil and gas industry is a fast growing market, thanks to the increasing energy demand. The oil field rental services market is also expected to grow as a result of increased exploration of unknown territory and flexible government policies.

Improving overall efficiency proves to be key

There are a few things impacting the rental service industry for oil and gas in Norway. The biggest aspect is the fluctuating oil and gas prices who force the rental industry to make their processes more efficient. After some challenging years, the industry is now more optimistic about the future. After years of growing costs, the lower oil prices helped cost reduction programes throughout the industry. The operators and the service and supply industry have managed to reduce costs and increase efficiency slightly, resulting in profitable projects even at low oil prices. Even thought this has been difficult for everyone involved, it was also necessary to stay competitive in the long run.

ERP brings transparency and grows along with your organization

Because of the growing market in Norway, the rental organizations will become busier. The need equipment for the construction of drilling installations is becoming more and more complex. This also makes the processes of servicing and maintaining the equipment more complex. Besides, rental equipment organizations have to deal with many different companies. Keeping track of all the rented out equipment and the needed maintenance that has to be done in the upcoming months is quite a big task. Excel is a great program to keep all the information in one overview. But when you want software that provides you with transparency and helps you improve your organizations processes, you should start considering an ERP system.

What is an ERP system

An ERP system runs at the heart of the organization. All your employees can have access to the system anywhere and at any time thanks to the cloud based solution. Having an cloud ERP solution at the centre of all processes brings automation and insight and therefore a more efficient way of working.

SAP Business ByDesign

ERP Logic is the global leader in the SAP ecosystem. Our organization has years of experience in selling and implementing SAP Business ByDesign. SAP Business ByDesign is the best fit for small and medium sized businesses. What makes SAP Business ByDesign so unique is that it is a Suite-in-the-Box concept. This means that you have access to all the processes you need in one single piece of software. Besides the suite-in-the-box concept it is also built for growth and focused on  improving innovation. This means that it grows along with your organization.

ERP Logic rental solution extension

For the rental equipment organizations, ERP Logic has built a rental extension for SAP Business ByDesign. The Add-on of Rental business process is tightly coupled with SAP Business ByDesign. It provides all necessary business process and analytical data. The inbuilt maintenance module helps to keep your equipment in perfect condition. This solution captures the common process of rental industry and provide the rental solution for the ease of access and ERP implementation on cloud.

About ERP Logic

ERP Logic is a global SAP CloudFirst solution company. We provide software, implementation and application services on a global and local scale. We provide customers end-to-end process management within and between organizations to perform like one company globally. We also help companies adapt and respond to changes in their business environment to accelerate operational efficiencies. Unlike other SAP resellers and implementation partners we focus on the cloud. Our company has the largest team of SAP Business ByDesign certified consultants worldwide, has deep knowledge of global processes and has over 30 developers devoted to leveraging SAP Business ByDesign innovations with solution extensions.