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We have one of the largest teams of technical experts devoted to developing and growing our large portfolio of high-value software solutions that address "last-mile" gaps of SAP Business ByDesign. These solutions fall into four categories.

  • Add on Solutions - Add new functionality to the existing solution of SAP Business ByDesign.
  • Integration Solutions - This is a portfolio of adaptors the lower the cost/complexity of integrating SAP Business ByDesign to other SAP and Third Party applications.
  • Solution Extensions - These extend the standard SAP Business ByDesign functionality with options such as data imports for mass updates, custom UI controls so that different business users see different screens, etc.
  • Localization Solutions - ERP Logic is among the leaders in the SAP ecosystem, building and licensing localization solutions to enable SAP Business ByDesign to meet taxation and regulatory requirements in countries where this capability is not provided by SAP.

Add-on Solutions

Sales Commission and Dispute Management

A complete solution to plan, calculate and distribute custom sales commissions, and/or also to handle disputes in line with the business requirements.

Approval and Notification Framework

Configurable Approval workflows spanning across processes in SAP Business ByDesign. Mobile enabled.

Equipment Rentals

Allows companies to rent fixed assets and manage rental profitability within SAP Business ByDesign as another process.

Equipment Maintenance

Provides capability within SAP Business ByDesign to schedule and track preventive, corrective and periodic maintenance of equipment.


SuccessFactors and SAP Business ByDesign Integration

ERP Logic's Integration Adapter orchestrates efficient and easy integration of Employee and Organizational data between SAP Business ByDesign and Success factors. You can leverage on Success factors for a comprehensive Talent Management Solution and integrate employee data with SAP Business ByDesign for proven Financial, Expenses and Project Management practices. Organizational data such as Organization Structure and Projects in SAP Business ByDesign are extracted by the integration adapter and synchronously sent to Success Factors system with little or no manual intervention.

Concur and SAP Business ByDesign Expense Report Integration

ERP Logic's Integration Adapter is a one-stop solution that expedites integration of Employee expenses from Concur with SAP Business ByDesign. Concur's easy-to-use business travel and expense management software solution helps your business save time, money and gain control. This in conjunction with SAP Business Bydesign offers a comprehensive on-demand enterprise resource planning and business management software, offered as a service.

Approval Framework for Standard & Customer Specific Approval process

ERP Logic's Approval Framework (AFW) is a one-stop solution that effectively compliments the existing approval process in SAP Business ByDesign. AFW is an easy-to-use software solution which helps your business save time and gain control with a custom fit solution.

Oanda and SAP Business ByDesign Integration

ERP Logic's Integration Adapter is a one-stop solution that expedites integration of Exchange Rates from Oanda with SAP Business ByDesign. Oanda provides live exchange rates which are synchronously integrated with SAP Business ByDesign for managing and updating the exchange rates which helps your business save time and gain control.

ARENA PLM Integration

Complete manufacturing solution by connecting cloud PLM(ARENA) to cloud ERP Logic(SAP Business ByDesign)

Quote Tool Integration

Integrating Sales Quote Tool to SAP Business ByDesign connects the Sales world to ERP.

Point Of Sale Integration

Retail customers can seamlessly integrate between the Point of Sale system and SAP Business ByDesign system.

Pacejet Shipping Integration

Integration of SAP Business ByDesign and Pacejet for shipping plans / costs.

Host Analytics CPM Integration

Integrate Host Analytics CPM with SAP Business ByDesign ERP.

Solution Extensions

Customer/Vendor Portal

Mobile enabled application for all the Customer & Vendor portal needs for any organization.

Approval Framework

Configurable Approval workflows spanning across processes in SAP Business ByDesign. Mobile enabled.

Vendor Portal

Equipment rental and project management solution for Oil & Gas and Construction vertical.

Localization Solutions

SAP has provided SAP Business ByDesign to fulfill the tax, statutory reporting and compliance requirements of countries that represent about 80% of the world’s GDP. However, there remain the other countries which are not standard in SAP Business ByDesign. To bridge this gap, ERP Logic is one of the leaders in the localization of SAP Business ByDesign for the countries in the remaining 20% of GDP.

ERP Logic has developed solutions to localize SAP Business ByDesign for 15+ countries. This development is available as a service. Given our global operations, ERP Logic often works with clients to adapt SAP Business ByDesign to the needs of local markets, and we are constantly adding countries to our portfolio of solutions. ERP Logic has the network of contacts and the experience to quickly and efficiently address localization needs.

  • Indonesia
  • UAE
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Bulgaria
  • Serbia
  • Poland
  • Morocco
  • Nicaragua
  • Ireland
  • Hong Kong
  • Kuwait
  • Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia

SAP Business ByDesign Localizations

Img Localization1

ERP Logic Localizations - 15+

Img Localization2

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