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Why Buy Packaged Solutions? Pull Up a Chair, Says SAP Partner ERP Logic

It’s hard for Sam Wood, chief revenue officer of SAP partner ERP Logic to pinpoint just one reason why customers are attracted to the company’s packaged, standardized solutions. Frankly, there are too many reasons to choose from, he said.

“It’s total cost of ownership, it’s affordability, it’s the quicker implementation time, it’s the services we add. It’s allowing customers to focus on their business, not IT,” Wood said. “There’s a lot of benefits, a lot of value that customers see in packaged solutions.”

Increasingly, customers are taking notice. To meet the demand, ERP Logic has developed multiple packaged solutions strategies to win more customers, including companies that historically had not considered SAP as a viable option.

While SAP launched its qualified partner-packaged solutions framework last year, ERP Logic had already been selling in a packaged-solutions model for nearly a decade and now sells almost exclusively from its burgeoning portfolio of standard solutions, Wood said.

“We were doing packaged solutions before packaged solutions were a thing. It’s really helped us build trust with customers. When they consider us, they know that we’ve probably built a solution for their model before and they know they’re getting the right software and services right from the beginning, and that it’s available globally,” Wood said. “Packaged solutions aren’t your multimillion-dollar SAP approach anymore. It’s a clear roadmap, a clear set of deliverables with complete visibility and transparency throughout the whole process—for companies of all sizes.”

A big reason for ERP Logic’s package success is that the company’s sales and marketing teams lead with a solution’s business functionality for specific industries—not the technology. As a multinational company, it’s also critical for customers that packaged solutions include access to in-country resources that know local languages, tax laws and revenue recognition regulations, Wood said.

“Every country is different. It’s important to have availability in different markets for those packages,” he said. “It’s competitive advantage for us against our peers, and also against other vendors.”

Focused on the Future, Delivering Value Today

Wood claims ERP Logic closes 75% of its active, working opportunities with prospects, in part because the packaged solutions are constantly being updated and tweaked to reflect ever-changing business needs.

“Every implementation you get better. You’re always evolving solutions. After all, the cloud changes weekly, especially from an SAP standpoint. We get more efficient every time we start a new project,” he said.

ERP Logic has sold packaged solutions to more than 90 customers globally around SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Business ByDesign.

“We’re upfront with the cost per user and a standard implementation. We give the parameters so customers can define if it fits within their budget. It’s important to be transparent with that upfront. I don’t want to waste my time, my staff’s time, my customer’s time.”

The strategy is working, based on several customer testimonials regarding the company’s packaged solutions expertise. A few examples:

  • “ERP Logic made a great product—SAP Business ByDesign—come to life for us with their knowledge and expertise and how to enable and use the solution.” – Rajan Nagarajan, CTO, CTI Foods
  • “ERP Logic and SAP Business ByDesign are critical partners for Avocados from Mexico that will allow us to achieve our strategic goals. ERP Logic is 100% focused on customer service and is a key partner to AFM’s success.” – Miguel Molina, CFO, Avocados from Mexico
  • “ERP Logic took the time to thoroughly understand our business processes. Their experienced team proposed a solution that in many respects enhanced our processes.” – Ned Smith, CIO, Virent

ERP Logic has five packaged solutions qualified through the SAP partner-packaged solutions framework, an initiative designed to help customers find packaged solutions that meet SAP criteria, including offerings for Professional Services, Wholesale Distribution, Food Services, Manufacturing and Public Sector.

“Customers that buy packaged solutions from ERP Logic benefit from our experience and our expertise,” Wood said. “But more importantly, those solutions help them prepare for growth because they have complete visibility into the process and a clear roadmap of where we are and where we’re going with them. That transparency is important to our success—and our customers’ success.”

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Author : Denise Gonçalves